Teenagers arrested at Exeter High School dance for drinking and potential drug use

Two teenagers were arrested at an Exeter High School dance for possession of alcohol.

Two teenagers were arrested at an Exeter High School dance for possession of alcohol.

Principal Sean Kiley of Exeter High School was forced to shut down a "March Madness" dance taking place on the evening of March 22 after discovering that at least two teenagers in attendance were drinking alcohol and possibly using drugs.

According to the Union Leader, 17-year-old Meghan LaPierre of East Kingston and 17-year-old Ryan Sullivan of Hampton were arrested and charged with possession of alcohol by a minor. The source states that at least five other students were involved in the incident, and that one of them was even hospitalized. 

"I do anticipate more arrests being made at a later time," police Sgt. Peter Tilton said.

Following the arrests, Superintendent Michael Morgan said that all dances scheduled for the rest of the year – with the exception of the junior and senior proms – have been canceled indefinitely. 

"They're looking at this situation and talking about what happened," Morgan said, noting that administrators at the school had plans to meet this morning to discuss the incident.

Unfortunately, this isn't the first time Exeter High School has faced these issues. In 2012, reports Seacoast Online, seven students were found to be taking drugs and drinking alcohol at a school event, prompting the principal at the time to call off the Spring Fling dance. A few years earlier, something similar happened and a few teenagers had to be hospitalized. 

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