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An Ignition Interlock ensures that individuals convicted of DWI can't drive drunk.

Ask a New Hampshire DWI lawyer: What is an Ignition Interlock?

According to LifeSafe, an industry website, an Ignition Interlock is a system that measures your Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) before allowing you to drive your car. The device is actually hardwired to the engine, making it impossible to start your vehicle unless you’re sober. Read More »

A former firefighter from Peterborough, NH, was charged with arson.

Former Peterborough firefighter charged with arson

According to the Union Leader, a regional news outlet, 22-year-old Gregory Potter — a former Peterborough firefighter — has been charged with five counts of arson, one count of falsifying evidence and three counts of misdemeanor criminal mischief following an incident that occurred in Durham earlier this year. Read More »

A pedestrian was robbed a gunpoint in Manchester while walking home.

Pedestrian robbed at gunpoint in Manchester

Two suspects in an armed robbery that occurred in Manchester on the morning of Tuesday, September 17, will need to seek the assistance of a criminal defense attorney once they are apprehended. Read More »

An Exeter fire lieutenant has been charged with DWI and placed on paid administrative leave.

Exeter fire lieutenant arrested for DWI

According to the Union Leader, a regional news source, police arrested 45-year-old Norman Byrne, a lieutenant at the Exeter Fire Department, following a string of incidents that occurred on September 4. Read More »

A Gilmanton, New Hampshire, man led police on a three-hour pursuit while carrying two young children in his car.

Gilmanton man with young children in car leads police on three-hour chase

According to the Union Leader, a regional news outlet, a 41-year-old Gilmanton, New Hampshire, man was arrested and charged with “operating [a vehicle] while being a habitual offender, endangering the welfare of a minor, disobeying a police officer and theft of a motor vehicle” following an incident that occurred on Saturday, September 14. Read More »

A Derry woman was sentenced to one to three years in prison after pleading guilty to robbery charges.

Derry woman pleads guilty to local robberies

According to the Union Leader, a regional news source, 23-year-old Rochelle Richards of Derry, New Hampshire, “pleaded guilty to charges of attempted robbery, robbery and possession of a controlled drug (heroin)” on Thursday, September 5. Read More »